SILO WAU, Company Director


Silo Wau, Indonesian Citizen, has been involved in the tourism and building industry for more than 12 years and is highly experienced in business management, project management, staff management and client´s relations.

With a very  complete and extended professional experience working first in the Tourism Sector and also as Community Facilitator and Construction Assistant for a different range of projects implemented by NGOs and RED CROSS in North Sumatra; later on he moved to Bali where he has been working in the Building Sector for several years, until finally taking the important decision of creating CV.ODISEA INDOCIPTA with the main vision to offer exclusive building services, with full attention to detail, bringing along his best partners, to ensure full satisfaction of our Clients.

Very enthusiastic and excellent communicator, he brings the perfect background combination to the business management where it is not only about providing design and building services, but establishing and maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships with the clients. His goal is to offer exclusivity, attention to detail and most importantly, deliver reliable and customized services to ensure client satisfaction.


Elisabete Belaunde, a Spanish Engineer by the Engineering University of Bilbao in Spain with postgraduate studies in Rehabilitation of Buildings, Renewable Energies and Water Supply Installations, who brings more than 15 years of professional experience in the renewable energy and construction sectors to our Company. She has been working for a diverse range of companies and humanitarian organizations in different countries like Spain, Australia, China, India, Chile and finally Indonesia that is now her home.

She was initially working for a few years in North Sumatra for RED CROSS Organization as Project Manager in the rehabilitation and construction of Schools and Water Supply Installations in Nias Island. After that, she moved to Bali with her family to work in the Real Estate Development and Construction Sector for a few years until now....

She has a very strong knowledge and experience in the building sector in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatra and Bali, and besides an excellent knowledge about the legalities and process for acquiring property in Bali for foreigners. Her main responsibility is to provide all necessary support in all technical and contractual matters including Quality Control, Project Management, Project Scheduling, Contract Management and Project Design. She is very passionate about her job and wants to ensure that our Clients are completely satisfied with the services provided.

Our Designers, Engineers and Construction Managers

AGDITHYA, Interior Design Advisor

Indonesian Interior Designer, very passionate and with the spirit for design, full of innovative ideas, he makes the spaces unique and exclusive for our clients.

ARYA, Consultant Architect

Balinese Architect and Technical drafter, he prepares all architectural and construction drawings, as well as those specific drawings for Building Permits.

Pak.ANTO, Construction Manager

Indonesian Citizen with more than 15 years of experience in building projects in Bali, Java and Lombok. He brings the best knowledge and experience in the construction of Luxury Villas&Resorts, Commercial Projects, Luxury Interiors and also Hotel/Resort Renovation.

GABRIEL, 3D Architect

Balinese Architect, Designer and 3D creator, very talented and experienced, he makes efficient and customized space layouts and distributions, for residence or commercial, including property development master plans, and he creates the most realistic 3D images for the client satisfaction of the final design.


PUTU S., Consultant Civil Engineer

Consulting Balinese Civil Engineer, to prepare and confirm all structural calculations and designs, and provide support in the site supervision and conformance with drawings and specifications.

Pak.RIONO, Construction Manager

Our Construction Manager in Jakarta, Indonesian Citizen, he is our most veteran construction professional, graduated in Civil Engineering and with extensive experience in the construction of residential properties, hospitals, high rise apartment buildings, civil works and many more in Jakarta area principally.


Our Labor Force

Includes the teams of experienced skilled workers in structural concrete works, bricklaying, plaster works, painting works, wall cladding, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, diggers, floor covering works, roofing works, furnishing, and a team of cleaners to ensure the end result is spotless.


High quality customized furniture, locally produced, for all type of projects

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Personalized interiors for your Space, Residential or Commercial, including exclusive furnishing.

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Some of our own Designs created exclusively for our interior fit out projects.

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