In Indonesia the IJIN MENDIRIKAN BANGUNAN (IMB), which means “Permit to Establish a Building”, is known as the “BUILDING PERMIT”.

After the Land Certificate, the IMB is probably the most important document regarding properties in Indonesia specially when planning to build on the land.

In theory to start building before obtaining an IMB is illegal. Obtaining IMB Permit may take several months to complete depending on location and circumstances. Generally the villa construction process may start after making the Socialization and holding meetings/discussions with the different parties involved (Kepalada Desa, Camat, Banjar, Government Departments..etc..) and submission of IMB Drawings to Government Department in charge (Cipta Karya), and obtaining a positive response from them to start the project. At this point then the villa construction can start and you may get the IMB final approval (the IMB Number and then the IMB Plate) during the process. This is why one of the very important aspects when buying the land is to perform the Due Diligence to ensure that IMB can be obtained without risks.

We can obtain for our Clients all necessary Building Permits, and Commercial Licence “Pondok Wisata” for Villa Rental if required. Since the price for IMB is variable and depends on many factors, we always negotiate the prices in the best interest of our Clients (The Building Permit in Bali is a quite complicated process that involves different meetings and payments done at different levels: Banjar, Kepala Desa, Camat, Government Department… etc…). Based on our experience, we can also ensure good connections with Local Authorities and Government Departments, what is always very useful for a smooth and fast process.

The Building Permit is not only a permit to carry out the initial building but it also continues through the building’s life as a Registration Document: The Building Permit defines (through all the associated documents that are lodged with the application) the specifications of the building that is or has been built and the purpose the building can be used for.

IMB Permits are issued by the “Dinas Tata Ruang Kota dan Pemukiman” which means the “Department of Town Planning and Settlements”. With the IMB Certificate comes a metal plate to be mounted at the front of the building.

Local authorities may carry out checks to make sure that Villas have IMBs, that the building usage matches the IMB and also that the building taxes have been paid.

Compliance with building regulations is checked in the IMB process. The design of buildings is also checked in the IMB process. It is stated government policy enshrined in legislation that buildings are to have elements of traditional Balinese design in them.

Required Documents:

To get an IMB it is necessary to submit the following documents:

– Copy of Land Certificate including the relevant survey plan

– Copy of Owner’s ID Card (KTP)

– Copy of Akta Sewa (Leasehold Agreement) if Leasehold Land

– Copy of Paid Land Tax Bill PBB (SPPT)

– IMB Drawings (Drawings of the Buildings that must comply with local building regulations)

– Bill of Quantity / Cost Estimate

– Approval Signature from Neighbors (Front, Back, Left, Right) including copy of KTP

– Recommendation Signature from Klian Banjar (Kepala Dusun – Head of Village)

– Recommendation Signature from Kepala Desa (Head of Village) – They will check the project location

– Recommendation Signature from Camat (Head of District) – They will check the project location

– Correct Land Use Permit (Zoning) for the building that is planned

– An Ijin Kavling (permit to subdivide) if it is needed.

– Copy of The Deed of Establishment ( For Company)

– Copy of Approval from Investment Board (For PMA Company)

*Please note that the requirements to obtain IMB might be slightly different from one region to another.


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