Our top priority is delivering a great service to our clients. Our Company implements a Construction Quality Control Plan (CQCP) in all our projects to ensure construction procedures are performed in compliance with the plans and specifications.

  • Quality Assurance Staff

Each Construction Manager maintains quality control on site with the assistance of the Site Supervisor, and the Operations Manager is fully responsible for the implementation of the CQCP at all levels in the Company.

  • Quality Control System.

Code of Conduct on ethical practices
Work Methods and Procedures
Good Industry Practices Guides by BCA Singapore Government
Quality control checklists
Quality control reports
Client´s prior specifications and works approval
Regular checks to ensure a high standard of workmanship.

  • Inspections and Tests (materials and works):

Daily inspections
Testing Laboratories to conduct quality tests (ex. University Udayana)
Concrete Slump test, Concrete Compression test (cube), MEP Installation tests, Waterproofing test…etc…
Quality Test Reports
Test samples and mockup
[list_item]Corrective Actions.[/list_item]
The nonconformance with drawings and specifications must be rectified in a quick and effective manner, with no hassle for the client.

  • 90 days Warranty Period.

Clients get the customary 90 days maintenance period to ensure they are completely happy with the finished product. If clients do find any problems, these are addressed immediately.


Professional and reliable building services, with quality control as our main priority.

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Personalized interiors for your Space, Residential or Commercial, including exclusive furnishing.

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Some of our own Designs created exclusively for our construction projects.

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